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Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest types of health treatments in existence today. Hydrotherapy works because of two properties inherent in water. The warm-water massage encourages blood circulation and can activate the body’s own natural healing powers. Massage doesn’t just relieve tension—it also aids the recovery process for stressed body parts.

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Softub T-140

Escape, relax, and take a soak at your leisure in your very own convenient personal Softub!

The T-140 Sportster is designed to maximize your enjoyment in a minimum amount of space. Its five foot diameter makes it the perfect spa for balconies, patios and other cozy spaces.

It's just the right size for two people, or for performing water exercises. It has four powerful jets, perfectly located to target those troubled spots, helping to melt away your tensions at the end of a hard day, or helping to start your day off just right.


Capacity: 1-2 People Upholstery: LeatherTex 27m Vinyl, UV Protection, Rich Leather-like look.
Water Capacity: 140 Gallons Jets: 4 Interchangeable
Inner Diameter: 50 Inches Lid: Folding and Light-weight / includes 4 combination locks
Outer Diameter: 60 InchesVoltage: 115v

MSRP: $3595.00

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