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Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest types of health treatments in existence today. Hydrotherapy works because of two properties inherent in water. The warm-water massage encourages blood circulation and can activate the body’s own natural healing powers. Massage doesn’t just relieve tension—it also aids the recovery process for stressed body parts.

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For over 25 years, Softub, Inc. has heard happy owners describe our unique hot tub as the world's most comfortable, most affordable, most portable, most energy-efficient, and lightweight hot tub. Softub Spas are available in three different models, designed to meet your specific needs.

  • The Softub T-140:
    Designed for 1-2 people. It provides maximum enjoyment in a minimum amount of space.
  • The Softub T-220:
    Perfect for 1-4 people. It is ideal for two adults/two children. It also provides wonderful, cushioned comfort.
  • The Softub T-300+: (our most popular model)
    Designed for up to 4 adults. The ultimate in full-sized cushioned luxury, complete with a therapy seat that could fit up to 6 people altogether depending on their size.

Each of the Softub models comes in a variety of colors shown below.

Softub Available colors

Please call or contact us before ordering for the best pricing, including potential factory rebates, special promotions or other pricing we might be able to offer. As one of the leading dealers nationwide, we can offer you all kinds of options to get you into a Softub now!